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Do you know why almost everybody who is anybody in our field in Pakistan started with us?
Since 1997, under the dynamic leadership of Pakistan's first & only Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ - Kamran Sultan, The First Institute of Dynamic Learning, has been empowering people to make the most of their lives. We have been recognized as leaders in our field because in addition to our never ending quest for better & better, we continuously refine our courses. 

As Pakistan's oldest and largest NLP™,  Hypnosis & Silva UltraMind training institution we offer a wide variety of training programs to help individuals like you achieve peak performance in everything you do. Whether it’s in your business, your health, your finances, your relationship, your emotions, or your time, there is a training event, or coaching session we can provide to help you create an extraordinary quality of life today.

Our programs are designed to help you unlock your hidden potentials. Through our personal and professional development program, you can learn to manage your time, set goals, get motivated, and achieve a higher level of success.

Feel free to contact us, to arrange an in-house training program for your organization, we can design any soft skills course according to your needs and we can customize any of our present courses for you.

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