We have trained thousands of people, across the globe, from all walks of life in many different disciplines under the leadership of our principal trainer - Kamran Sultan.

We offer basic to advanced level certification courses in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Life Coaching.

We can design, customize any personal and professional development program for your organizational needs.
NLP Practitioner Course in Pakistan

Kamran Sultan

  • Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ for Society of NLP™
  • Strategic Intervention Coach 
  • Certified Humanistic NLP Coach
  • Certified FireWalk Instructor 
  • Certified Instructor of Hypnosis and 
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Ex-Country Supervisor for Jose Silva’s UltraMind Training 

Since 1997, Kamran Sultan has trained & coached people from all walks of life in NLP™ & Hypnosis for over 35,000 hours. 

His teaching is deep, powerful & transformative because he teaches from very rich experience, not from manual. His training sessions are highly engaging and full of fun. 

Kamran has been constantly learning and updating himself and spends as much as 300 hours every year in learning more and more. 

He has received training in the UK and USA from some of the best NLP, Hypnosis & Silva UltraMind trainers including  Dr. Richard Bandler (Creator of NLP), Anthony Robbins, John LaValle, Joseph Riggio, Kenrick Cleveland, Jamie Smart, Rich Litvin (Co-author of ‘The Prosperous Coach’), Celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna, Michael Breen, Joe White, Julie Silverthorn, Russell Potts, Jo Cooper, Peter Seal, Robert Dilts, Stephen Gillian, Alex G. Silva and many others.

In addition to business studies from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Kamran has over 10 years experience in direct (door to door) selling and marketing.

As a performance enhancement coach, since 1997 each year Kamran works with as many people as he can individually and in small groups.  

Kamran is from Karachi, Pakistan but now lives in New Jersey, USA and provides coaching sessions online.

Sumera A. Razzak

Sumera A. Razzak is a Licensed Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming™ (NLP™).

She is also a Silva UltraMind Instructor for ESP and Holistic Healing courses since 2005.

Sumera has trained in USA, Portugal & Pakistan with some of the best trainers in NLP™ & Silva UltraMind including Dr. Richard Bandler, John LaValle, Kathleen LaValle, Kamran Sultan and Alex G. Silva.

Dr. Richard Bandler & Sumera A. Razzak during NLP Trainer Certification Training, Orlando, 2017

Alex G Silva, Sumera A. Razzak and Sam Silva during Silva UltraMind Trainer Training in Portugal, 2005
Additionally Sumera has over 30 years of experience of working in multinational companies and also runs her own business, with a partner in USA.

Sumera loves coaching and guiding women from all walks of life in helping them living an empowered life. 

Sumera lives in Karachi, Pakistan and provides 1 to 1 coaching to women, only through prior appointment.