Introduction to THE SOUL

Ask any 'expert' in the field of mind sciences, "what does it take to be successful like you" and he will say "20 or more years of hard work, perseverance and passion.". 

Interestingly if you ask, the same question, to anyone who's anybody in any field, including someone selling foods like 'Biryani' or 'Nehari', you will get the same answer.

So, if the expert of mind sciences took 20 years (who supposedly applied his amazing mind powers too), what does it take to be successful with selling  biryani?... Biryani Power?

It seems there is something beyond mind power, what is it?

Back in 1990's I, Kamran Sultan began studying various systems & techniques offered in developing mind power. I even become Country head for Jose Silva's Silva UltraMind training system, in Pakistan.

I noticed that no matter which method or technique I use, sometimes it worked and sometimes not. 

So I wondered, 'if I am getting results through various 'techniques' what's happening behind the techniques? because 'If' it's in any technique, same technique would produce same results, always. What is the technology that makes it work?

Because if you know the technology, you can create your own techniques and be sure that you are on the right path. 

In my search I began to ask new questions such as...

  • If it's mind power working, where is ALLAH S.W.T's will? 
  • If it's ALLAH S.W.T will, then why would anyone need any mind power technique?
  • If it's all mind's power why do people ask for 'spiritual guides' or call their masters?
  • Is everything claiming to be 'spiritual' also holy?

I asked these questions to many gurus and their disciples...they gave a surface level answer like, "ALLAH S.W.T has given humans a lot of power, that needs to be tapped and our training is 'the way' to do so".

I was not convinced with their answers. 

I also met many people who were deep into mind sciences. I noticed, with all of their mind training they were living in a mouse trap...running after something and not happy with what they had for more than a couple of days or weeks. 

I noticed some mind power courses teach techniques that make people do shirk, disguised as a technique. Some people teach asking for guidance from angels or male/female spiritual guides or masters or higher self or even hugging trees and asking it for energy etc. 

I met many people who brag about how wonderful or powerful or genius their teacher was directly connected to the 'spiritual world'. But when I asked, "would you want your children to have a life like your teacher's or guru's life?" 

The answer was a resounding, "NO" without hesitation. This means that guru's life is not as good as it seems...with all powers.

Most people do not realize everything spiritual is not HOLY. Have you seen iblees? because he is not in the three dimensions? So a person can be 'spiritual' yet in the wrong direction.

I also wondered if it's all in the mind, WHY does Rasool ALLAH S.A.W.W taught us, "Ya muqalibul qaloob" WHY NOT, "Ya Muqalibul Aqal?" and why does ALLAH suhanahu watallah says, "their HEARTS are sealed' for mushrikeen. WHY heart, WHY NOT MIND??? 

Nauzubillah, was there a divine error? 

Most certainly there is no error. All this means we need to look deeper far and beyond mind. This lead to discoveries of Secrets Of Universal Lifeforce (SOUL). 

Alhamdulillah, I spent many years, countless hours in researching, learning, discovering some surprising answers and amazingly simple techniques (which are not only aligned with The Holy Quran & Sahih hadith but also proven by modern science) to apply SOUL to manifest positive results almost effortlessly.

This conversation is a summation of what I have discovered so far. I invite you to join me in this journey.

What is a conversation session?

These are group coaching sessions on different topics. These are not training programs with a bunch of techniques. These are powerful coaching conversation sessions. Each of these sessions is unique.

    1. 01. Introduction, basic concepts & levels of consciousness

    2. 02. More on levels of consciousness

    3. 03. Enviornmental factors & behavior

    4. 04. A simple and powerful process you can use to get results you want.

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