Your emotions can hold you back from reaching your full potential or propel you towards your goals?

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Kamran Sultan - Master Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis and Life Coach

This mini training is a recording of a LIVE session. 

In this session you’ll learn how to…

  • What emotions are
  • What is the real source of your emotions
  • How your language changes your emotions
  • How your story changes your emotions
  • Why people hold onto their negative emotions (and behaviors) 
  • How to release negative emotions

and much more

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Program Highlights

  • $27.00
  • 2 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content
  • Instructions in Urdu & English
  • Includes a hypnotic trance
  • Complete un-edited recording of live session

What participants say about this training?

Here are some of the comments from participants who attended this session:

Helped me to get rid of my 50 years old negative emotions.

- Zaib Malik

It was a great session which helped me to get rid of my 50 years old negative emotions. I'm really thankful and pray for all who have arranged this session especially Sir Kamran whose voice has digs deep into my subconscious and brought that anger out which he helped me to changed with positive feelings. I imagined a new me with ideal situation and it brought my strength back which has been gifted to me by Allah at the time of my birth. Jaza k Allah khair "

I am able to break the cycle of recalling past events

- Ramia Siddiqui

"For more than ten years, I was having a constant battle deep inside me which finally came to an end. I'm feeling confident that now I am able to break the cycle of recalling past events which were causing many negative emotions."

I got the answer

- Tuba Khan

Session today was on point, extremely relatable. I got the answer of one question that was stuck in my mind since last 20 years. Mind storming & Mind opening session.

I am feeling relaxed

- Hawwa Muhammad

Great session. I am feeling relaxed and I feel my mind is in some other zone for now.

I worked on the fear emotion today

- Marya Hareem

Great session sir. I worked on the fear emotion today as my hidden agenda. The Aha moment was when you said (as I interpreted) that the personality types are not true. We make our personality everyday.

My heart and eyes burst into tears

- Dr. Khan

During timeline my heart and eyes burst into tears. I feel that events again but after that I release that negative emotions thru breathing and your voice and commands do magic, Jazak Allah.

Meet Your Trainer

Master Trainer of NLP & Hypnosis and Personal Breakthrough Expert Kamran Sultan

Since 1997, Kamran Sultan has been training & coaching people from all walks of life. He is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ for Society of NLP™ (USA), Strategic Intervention Coach, Ex-Country Supervisor for Jose Silva’s UltraMind Training, Certified Humanistic NLP Coach, Certified Fire-walk Instructor (Yes, He can make you walk on fire), Certified Instructor of Hypnosis and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Kamran has trained & coached others in NLP™ & Hypnosis for over 36,000 hours. His teaching is deep, powerful & transformative because he teaches from very rich experience, not from manual. His training sessions are highly engaging and full of fun. Kamran has been constantly learning and updating himself and spends as much as 300 hours every year in learning more and more. He has received training in UK and USA from some of the best NLP™, Hypnosis & Silva UltraMind trainers including Dr. Richard Bandler (Creator of NLP™), Anthony Robbins, John LaValle, Joseph Riggio, Kenrick Cleveland, Jamie Smart, Rich Litvin (Co-author of ‘The Prosperous Coach’), Paul McKenna, Michael Breen, Joe White, Julie Silverthorn, Russell Potts, Jo Cooper, Peter Seal, Alex G. Silva and many others. In addition to business studies from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Kamran has over 10 years' experience in direct (door to door) selling and marketing. As a performance enhancement coach, since 1997 each year I sees as many people as he can individually and assists them to create what they want in their lives. Kamran is from Karachi, Pakistan but now live in New Jersy, USA and provide coaching sessions online.

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