Imagine, the power to captivate your audience, the ability to create inspiring training programs, and the potential to earn high income and recognition. 

If you want to turn this imagination a reality, take the next few minutes and read this page carefully!

Hi, I’m Kamran Sultan, I’ve been in the business of training and development since 1997, and I’ve trained thousands of students from all over the world in NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching and Jose Silva’s UltraMind Training System.

I can help you become an elite trainer and teach you how to design, market and successfully deliver your own courses in less than 30 days.

Becoming a trainer is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling careers you can choose. You not only get to share your knowledge and passion with others, but also enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working on your terms and schedule.

But becoming a trainer is not easy. It requires skills, techniques, and confidence that most people don’t have or don’t know how to develop.

If you want to be a confident public speaker and skilled trainer, I invite you to join...

Elite Trainer's Certification Training

Program Overview:

Over the course of this self-guided journey, you'll gain the skills and techniques for masterful presentation through pre-recorded video modules, downloadable resources, and interactive exercises. Dive in at your own pace, and I'll be with you every step of the way. The course is based upon my 27 years of experience as a trainer and life coach.

This program is for anyone who wants to:

  • Become a certified and, more importantly, skilled trainer who can design, market, conduct any training program.
  • Utilize powerful NLP and hypnosis techniques to enhance your charisma, presence, and impact.
  • Create magical, transformational training programs that captivate your audience and inspire them to take action.
  • Expand your skills, knowledge, and confidence as a trainer and a leader.
  • Make a positive difference in the world.

What will you learn?

You will learn to transform into a confident and impactful speaker, adept at handling any situation. Overcoming stage fright, projecting a powerful presence, connecting with your audience, and even influencing their emotions will be part of your journey. In short, you will become a master of captivating communication.

    1. 01. How to get most out of this program

    2. 02. Learning and Training

    3. 03. Students Experiences After Discussion

    4. 04. What is An Elite Trainer and Why Be One?

    5. 05. The 3 Roles of An Elite Trainer

    6. 06. The 3 Fundamentals for Success

    7. 07. Set Clear Boundaries

    8. 08. Know Your Obstacles

    9. 09.What to do now

    10. 10. Student-s Experiences

    11. ETT Session 1: Presentation Slides

    12. Elite Trainer's Certification Training Manual

    1. 01. Beginning Session 2

    2. 02. Mind Programming for Becoming a Confident Public Speaker

    3. AUDIO - Mind Programming for Becoming a Confident Public Speaker.mp3

    4. 03.Mindset of An Elite Trainer

    5. 04. Do Nothing Exercise

    6. 05. Student Experiences After Do Nothing

    7. 06. Principles of Excellence

    8. 07. Center Yourself Exericse

    9. 08. Dress Up Your Attitude

    10. 09. Present From Resourceful State

    11. 10. Create A Powerful Self Image

    12. 11. Q&A with Students

    13. ETT Session 2: Presentation Slides

    1. 01. Beginning Session 3

    2. 02. Mind Programming for Successful Public Speaking

    3. AUDIO - Mind Programming for Becoming Successful Public Speaker

    4. 03. Rapport With the Audience

    5. 04. Install a Learning State

    6. 05. Student's Experiences After Exercise

    7. 06. Captivating Your Audience

    8. 07. Group Size Matters

    9. 08. Power of Vulnerability

    10. 09. Student Share Experiences After Exercise

    11. ETT Session 3: Presentation Slides

    1. 01. Beginning Session 4

    2. 02. AUDIO - Mind Programming _Confident Public Speaking

    3. 02. VIDEO - Mind Programming _Confident Public Speaking

    4. 03. The SOB. Way

    5. 04. Experiences After Using The SOB. Way

    6. 05. Making Sense

    7. 06, Experiences After Using Multi Sensory Language Exercise

    8. 07. Patterns of Charismatic Communication

    9. 08. Experiences With Charisma Pattern

    10. 09. Task for the Next Session

    11. 10. After Session Q&A

    12. ETT Session 4: Presentation Slides

    1. 01. Beginning Session 5

    2. 02. AUDIO - Mind Programming for Confidence

    3. 02. Mind Programming for Confidence

    4. 03. Using Your Voice

    5. 04. How to Improve the Quality of Your Voice

    6. 05. No Holds Barred

    7. 06. Experiences With No Holds Barred

    8. 07. Learning Styles

    9. 08. The 4-MAT System

    10. 09. Task Before Next Session

    11. 10. After Session Q&A

    12. ETT - Session 5: Presentation Slides

    1. 01. Beginning Session 07

    2. 02. Mind Programming for Improve Self Image and Self Esteem

    3. 02. AUDIO - Mind Programming Improve Self Image and Self Esteem With NLP

    4. 03. Setting & Controlling Frames

    5. 04, Student Share Experiences After Exercise

    6. 05. Using Metaphors

    7. 06. Student Share Experiences After Metaphor Exercise

    8. 07. Task before next session

    9. 08. Q&A After Presentations

    10. ETT Session 7: Presentation Slides

About this course

  • $1,797.00
  • 199 lessons
  • 39 hours of video content
  • Course under progress
  • Available videos indicate session progress so far
  • Instructions & Material are in English. Some Q & A is in Urdu as well

How will you learn?

You will learn through...

- Pre-recorded self-paced lessons in the comfort of your own home and with the luxury to review a lesson as many times as you want. 

- The video course contains a variety of learning activities that help you understand the theory and build your skills as a trainer. 

- Even though it is self-paced, but you become part of a supportive community of fellow students and trainers that will give you feedback and encouragement as you go through the program.

By completing this program, you will:

- Become a Certified Elite Trainer

- Gain access to a network of fellow trainers that will offer you opportunities for collaboration and referrals

- Enjoy unlimited access to the course material, and lifetime support on WhatsApp group

- Be able to create your own training programs on any topic you choose.

- Be able to charge premium fees for your training services and earn a lucrative income

- Be able to make a positive impact on the lives of your clients and students by helping them achieve their goals

Exclusive Bonuses Courses:

As a participant in this program, you'll receive incredible bonuses worth over $7,000:

1. Hypnosis Practitioner Training (Value $257): Explore the secrets of hypnosis with this valuable training. This course complements your learning in this program. 

2. New NLP Home Study Course (Value $597):
This is a powerful 21-days course which is jam-packed with knowledge and skills of NLP at practitioner level. You will find this course extremely useful when creating your own courses. 


3.  Prepared Soft Skills Training Program Material (Value $3000): You will receive pre-designed training programs, that you can start teaching and start earning money with, right after the completion of your Elite Trainer Certification. 

Even More Bonuses

In addition to the above 3 courses you will get

  • Two Deep Inner Coaching Sessions (Value $1100):

    Deep Inner Coaching is a powerful, personalized, and safe way for self-discovery by removing the blocks on your performance. These sessions will help you in understanding yourself and your life deeply, as well as in finding clarity. This is an amazing way to deal with your deeper issues or anything else you want.

  • Six Group Coaching Sessions (Value $600):

    You can continue with more exploration from Deep Inner coaching in these live group coaching sessions with me. You can use these sessions to work on any personal or professional issue you like.

  • Lifetime Support Group (Priceless)

    You will become part of exclusive WhatsApp group where you can continue to ask for help, get guidance and support as you continue to learn and progress in your career as a Certified Elite Coach

How much is it worth?

I hope you realize this is not just a training program. What you are getting in this program is my over 27 years of experience and an in-depth understanding of this industry. I am sharing my mistakes and my successes to save you time and speed up your success.

If you value each year of experience and insights at $1,000/year PLUS the exclusive bonuses, the value of this program can be easily estimated to be over $30,000.

But I want to make it accessible to people who are committed to making a difference for themselves and the world around them. People who attended life paid up to $2197 BUT you can pay just $1797 or even $597 (see options below)

Recommended by

Dr. Richard Bandler & John LaValle

100% Money Back Guarantee!

I am confident that when you apply what you learn in this program and follow my instructions, you will not only recoup the money you invest within 1 year, but also earn more than that. Of course, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and you will have to put in some work and effort to make it happen. But I will guide you every step of the way, and show you the proven strategies and techniques that have helped me succeed in this industry. This is my promise to you, because I want you to succeed and thrive as an Elite Trainer.

What my students say

It's been transformational.

Erum Kamran

My experience has been transformational. I joined Sir Kamran's online program, I was surprised to see changes in mindset and my actions. A lot of my chronic issues started to resolve, I identified a lot of my limiting beliefs, which were barriers in my personal and professional growth and dealt with them. Alhamdulillah got wonderful results after attending learning and applying NLP techniques. I started dealing with paid clients and helping them. I also got one to one personal coaching sessions with Sir Kamran and these personal coaching sessions resolved many of my issues at work and in relationships, I was able to see things clearly, I also got clarity on many misconceptions including some issues that I was facing with my teenage daughter. Alhamdulillah I am now living a life with more conscious awareness, having better relationship with my loved ones and people at work and running my own business as a Master Life Coach. I would highly recommend Sir Kamran's NLP course.

You will thanks me later

Sana Hubaishi

I joined Kamran sir course in Oct 2021 since then it was a transformation of my true self His knowledge towards his work is remarkable. He opened up those area of my brain which I didn’t even knew existed in me. If you are stuck in ur life don’t know where to go what to do or having problem creating a road map take his coaching or his courses you will thanks me later.

Enabled me to break away from the restrictions

Aly Balgamwala

Kamran Sultan is an amazing instructor with 2 decades worth of experience in NLP, Hypnosis and Silva Mind Sciences. If you want to learn NLP in Pakistan do it from Kamran Sultan! The clarity and confidence I gained after learning from Kamran enabled me to break away from the restrictions of having to follow a 'system', empowering me to provide my clients what they needed instead of what I wanted to give them.

You gave me wings to fly!

by Fareha Mansoor

I love flying birds, and, in this course, I feel you gave me wings to fly.

My confidence has sored

by Ramzan Ali

This was the best experience for me. I feel my confidence has sored

Just go for it

by Hajira Salman

After this training, I feel I have broken through all barriers. You've been saying that for so many courses but this time, it's just go for it!

Changed my perspectives towards life

Huma Anwar

It was an awe-inspiring experience under the guidance of Sir Kamran Sultan which changed my perspectives towards life and people. It also helped me be a better version of self. Jazak Allah sir for this exposure and journey towards awareness.

Enroll now: Choose the option that suits you the most!

Option # 1: Enroll in this course at the regular investment of $1797, which includes lifetime access to the course, all the above bonuses and support. Option # 2: Enroll and pay in three equal installments of $599 per month. With the installment option, you get lifetime access to the course, support PLUS (bonuses & group coaching sessions after 3 months). Option # 3: You can get one-time access to the course for 27 days for just $597. Yes, you can complete the course in 27 days. This option does not include bonuses, group coaching, or support. ALL OPTIONS INCLUDE CERTIFICATION.


  • What are the prerequisites for joining this program?

    There are no formal prerequisites for joining this program. However, you need a passion for learning and teaching. You should also be able to understand English, as the program will be conducted in English.

  • What if I miss a live session or fall behind in the program?

    You can catch up on the live sessions by watching the recordings that will be available on the online platform. You can also ask questions and get support from me and your fellow students on the WhatsApp group.

  • Do you offer instalment plans?

    We do not offer installment plans. However, you can join just the live sessions, and leave all the bonuses & recordings for $1197. You will learn all the skills and get the same certificate as other students. You will be included in our WhatsApp support group. If you choose this option, please contact us on WhatsApp +1(908) 500-9371