What is a deep conversation session?

A deep conversation is a powerful and safe way for discovering our understanding of personally important but sensitive issues ... issues, that we may not find anyone to talk about comfortably.

These are not training programs with a bunch of techniques, these are powerful coaching conversation sessions.

In each of these sessions we explore just one issue/topic (e.g. money, prosperity, anxiety, fears, relationships etc.) from neuro linguistic & inside out perspective.  

Each of these sessions has an underlying theme – which is often the topic. 

Duration of each is at least 90 minutes. Each of these sessions is unique.

Since these were live online sessions, there were technical glitches at times in some sessions. That however has not affected quality of content.

You will love the content of these sessions and what they can help you overcome & achieve.

These are all separate sessions, which means you can select any topic you like and begin now.

Find Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

    1. How Life Works!

    1. Ask for Money - Part 1

    2. Ask for Money - Part 2

    1. Conversations : Beauty Vs Charisma - Part 1

    2. Conversations : Beauty Vs Charisma - Part 2

    1. Conversations : Believe Yourself

    1. Conversations : Creating More Time

    1. Conversations : Making Decisions Easily

About these sessions

  • $260.00
  • 28 lessons
  • 37 hours of video content
  • Listen to deep coaching conversations
  • Find inside out nature of issue
  • Experience group coaching

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