Have you ever wondered ...

What makes you, YOU!

Think about this... 

Everyone of us was born pure & free -from inhibitions, fears, and limitations. 

We did not know what we are capable of and what our limitations were. We used to freely take action, have experiences, learn and grow ... BUT then we were conditioned to think whatever we think. 

We were told (verbally & non-verbally) what we can or can not do. Some of us were even punished or rewarded for compliance.

Even though, our elders had best of intentions - they wanted to protect us & give us the best, and in their way they did ... however since they didn't know how human mind works, they gave us some programs that limit us.

The good news is, we are not bound to live with those programmed limitation. 

You can reprogram your mind and set yourself free once again through NLP.

In simple words, NLP is the study of how people do what they do and how to change what you want to change.

While lot of people mistakenly think that NLP is about therapy, or net working the truth is NLP is about personal freedom. 

It is about releasing your breaks, it's about moving forward in life and living at your best.

NLP Boot camp is an intensive coaching & mentoring program that provides you the opportunity to learn what it takes to reprogram your mind.

Discover how to breakthrough mental, emotional &  financial blockages that leads to true freedom!

In this 3 days intensive NLP program you will learn to identify the neuro linguistic structure of mental programs that limit you. 

You will learn simple powerful NLP processes you can use to attain freedom and create life experiences you want to have. 

What will you learn?

Each day of the boot camp follows a theme. You will learn about your mind, how your language shapes your thinking and how easily you can re-program yourself. You will be guided through powerful NLP processes by Kamran Sultan.

    1. NLP Bootcamp 2.0 Day 1 - Presentation Slides

    2. 01. How to Get Most Out Of This Program

    3. 02. This is Good and Important To Know

    4. 03. Speaking of Learning

    5. 04. NLP Defined

    6. 05. Keys to Success

    7. 06. Beliefs of NLP

    8. 07. The levels of Existance

    9. 08. The EOA Paradigm

    10. 09. Misunderstanding People Live In

    11. 10. Q&A_Session

    1. NLP Bootcamp 2.0 Day 2 - Presentation Slides

    2. 01. Building Relationships

    3. 02. Learning Experiences After Exercise_1

    4. 03.Learning Experiences After Exercise_2

    5. 04. VAKOG Language

    6. 05. Learning Experiences After Exercise

    7. 06. Milton Model

    8. 06a. Milton Model

    9. 07. Removing Mental Cobwebs - The Meta Model

    10. 08. Q&A_Session

    1. NLP Bootcamp 2.0 Day 3 - Presentation Slides

    2. 01. Releasing Negative Emotions

    3. 02. Process of Change

    4. 03. Anchoring

    5. 04. Circle of Excellence

    6. 05. Dress Up Your Attitude

    7. 06. How to feel wonderful

    8. 07. Changing Bad feelings

About this course

  • $127.00
  • 29 lessons
  • 11.5 hours of video content
  • Learn from NLP Master with over 25 years experience
  • Join our students group for continuous learning
  • Get certificate of attendance

Why join NLP boot camp 2.0?

This is not just a 3 days introductory program, this program is a summation of over 3 decades of experience in NLP that gives you an in depth understanding and insights in to human behavior. This will lead to...

  • A deeper awareness of self

  • A deeper understanding of life

  • An understanding effects of language on behavior

  • Breakthrough from personal limitations

  • Ability to achieve personal freedom

  • A peaceful & happier life

Get A Beautiful Certificate

Upon completion of this program, you will receive a digital certificate of attendance from The First Institute of Dynamic Learning, LLC, USA.

Triple Advantage

Begin your journey in NLP with total confidence, you have our back!

  • Practical Applications of NLP (Worth $97)

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  • Certificate of Completion

    Upon completion of the program, you will get certificate of completion from "The First Institute of Dynamic Learning, LLC (USA)"

Meet Your Trainer

Master Trainer of NLP & Life Coach Kamran Sultan

Since 1997, Kamran Sultan has been training & coaching people from all walks of life. He is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ for Society of NLP™ (USA), Strategic Intervention Coach, Ex-Country Supervisor for Jose Silva’s UltraMind Training, Certified Humanistic NLP Coach, Certified FireWalk Instructor (Yes, He can make you walk on fire), Certified Instructor of Hypnosis and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Kamran has trained & coached others in NLP™ & Hypnosis for over 35,000 hours. His teaching is deep, powerful & transformative because he teaches from very rich experience, not from manual. His training sessions are highly engaging and full of fun. Kamran has been constantly learning and updating himself and spends as much as 300 hours every year in learning more and more. He has received training in UK and USA from some of the best NLP™, Hypnosis & Silva UltraMind trainers including Dr.Richard Bandler (Creator of NLP™), Anthony Robbins, John LaValle, Joseph Riggio, Kenrick Cleveland, Jamie Smart, Rich Litvin (Co-author of ‘The Prosperous Coach’), Paul McKenna, Michael Breen, Joe White, Julie Silverthorn, Russell Potts, Jo Cooper, Peter Seal, Alex G. Silva and many others. In addition to business studies from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Kamran has over 10 years experience in direct (door to door) selling and marketing. As a performance enhancement coach, since 1997 each year I sees as many people as he can individually and assists them to create what they want in their lives. Kamran is from Karachi, Pakistan but now live in New Jersy, USA and provide coaching sessions online.

Recommended by Dr. Richard Bandler

The Co-founder of NLP & his partners recommend Kamran Sultan

Program Details:

We will meet LIVE ONLINE over zoom for 2&1/2 to 3 hours on following dates and time.

Days and Dates:

  • Day 1: Fri. - Feb. 03, 2023 
  • Day 2: Sat. - Feb. 04, 2023 
  • Day 3: Sun - Feb. 05, 2023


  • 08:00 pm Pakistan time
  • 10:00 am EST (USA & Canada)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need NLP experience?

    No. You can attend this program, without any previous knowledge or experience of NLP.

  • Do I get a certificate?

    Yes, at the end of program, you will receive digital certificate of completion from "The First Institute of Dynamic Learning, LLC (USA)

  • Do I get life time access?

    You will get life time access to program, when you enroll with lifetime access option. If you select LIVE only option, you will not get access to the recording