What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP™ is the study of subjective experience & excellence. NLP™ attempts to find how people achieve success and makes models to duplicate their success.

When you learn NLP™ with us, you learn the structure of personal power that you can use in your personal and professional life.

While exploring your own personal powers as a practitioner of NLP™, you develop skills and abilities to empower others with the ability to change or eliminate un-resourceful behaviors, perform at their best, acquire emotional freedom, attain leadership, self-confidence & cooperation from others.

Who is an NLP Practitioner?

An NLP Practitioner is someone who has taken proper training, learned the basic models and applies NLP in their own life and help others as a coach.

An NLP practitioner understands how people do what they do and can help people change, improve themselves in a verity of ways. They are aware of effects of communication, have sharp observation skills, behavioral flexibility that allows them to get along with a wide verity of people.

What will you learn in our NLP Practitioner?

You will learn state of the art communication models that reveal the hidden patterns within any communication and how to respond with influence, persuasiveness, eloquence and insight. You will also learn how human experience is created, altered and modified. In addition you'll learn how to....

  • Master your emotions and run your own brain

  • Easily create instant motivation and confidence

  • Develop greater acceptance of your message in all areas of life

  • Activate & align your internal resources to achieve success

  • Masterfully use language to your advantage

  • Release negative emotions e.g. anger, fears, sadness quickly

  • Become a more powerful communicator

What is covered in NLP Practitioner training?

Our NLP Practitioner training covers a variety of topics as mentioned in our home study course (which you will receive as a bonus). Here is a list in brief...

  • 1

    Session 1 : Learning stages, Definitions, History, Mind Your Language

    • How to use this website

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session 1

    • Section 1 Introduction

    • Session 1 : Definitions, Stages in Learning, Conscious & Unconscious, Source of Experience in Life - Part 1

    • Session 1 : Definitions, Stages in Learning, Conscious & Unconscious, Source of Experience in Life - Part 2

  • 2

    Session 2 : Keys to success with NLP & Convenient Beliefs of NLP

    • Keys to success with NLP & Convenient Beliefs of NLP

    • Session 2 - Presentation Slides

    • Manual Section 2 Rapport

  • 3

    Session 3 : Calibration Skills - Hone your senses

    • Session 3_Part_1: Calibration Skills - Honing your senses

    • Session 3_Part_2 : Calibration Skills - Honing your senses

    • Session 3 - Presentation Slides

    • Manual Section 2 Rapport

  • 4

    Session 4 : Calibration Skills, Rapport & Connecting Deeply

    • Session 4_Part_1 : Calibration Skills Exercise

    • Session 4_Part_2 : Rapport_Key to influencing others

    • Session 4_Part_3: Rapport & Keys to Deep Connection

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session 4

  • 5

    Session 5 : The Sensory Apparatus - Representational Systems

    • The Sensory Apparatus - Representational Systems

    • Session 5 - Presentation Slides

    • Manual Section 3 Representational Systems

  • 6

    Session 6: Eye Accessing Cues & Sub-modalities

    • Session 6_Part_1 : Eye Accessing Cues

    • Session_6_Part_2: Sub-modalities

    • Session 6 - Presentation Slides

    • Section 4 Manual - Submodalities

  • 7

    Session 7 : Mapping Across Likes & Dislikes, Beliefs

    • Session_7_Part_1_Mapping Across_Likes & Dislikes

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session_7_Part_2

    • Session 7 - Presentation Slides

  • 8

    Session 8: Belief Change Process, SWISH and more

    • Session_8_Part_1: Belief Change Process

    • Session_8_Part_2: SWISH and other Sub-modality Techniques

    • Session 8 - Presentation Slides

  • 9

    Session 9 : Anchoring

    • Session_9_Part_1: Anchoring

    • Session_9_Part_2: Collapsing Anchors

    • Activate Your Resources

    • Stacking Your Resources

    • Session 9: Presentation Slides

    • Manual Section 6 Anchoring

  • 10

    Section 10 : Hypnosis

    • Session_10_Part_1_Hypnosis

    • Session_10_Part_2_Hypnosis

    • Session_10_Part_3_Hypnosis

    • Presentation_Slides_Session_10

    • Manual_Section_7_Hypnosis

  • 11

    Session 11 : Hypnosis - Day 2

    • Session 11 : Presentation Slides

    • Session_11_Part_1: Hypnosis Day 2

    • Session_11_Part_2: Hypnosis Day 2

    • Session_11_Part_3: Hypnosis Day 2

  • 12

    Session 12 : Milton Model

    • Manual Section 5 - Milton Model

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session 12

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session_12_Part_1

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session_12_Part_2

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session_12_Part_3

  • 13

    Session 13 : Meta Model

    • Manual Section 9 - Meta Model

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session 13

    • NLP Practitioner Session_13_Part_1

    • NLP Practitioner Session_13_Part_2

    • NLP Practitioner Session_13_Part_3

  • 14

    Session 14 : Reframing & Chunking

    • Manual Section 10 Reframing & Chunking

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session 14

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_14_Part_1_Reframing

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_14_Part_2_Chunking

  • 15

    Session 15 : Timelines

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session 15

    • Manual Section 11 Time Lines

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_15_Part_1

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_15_Part_2

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_15_Part_3

  • 16

    Session 16 : Releasing Negative Emotions

    • Releasing Negative Emotions Script

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session 16

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_16_Part_1

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_16_Part_2

  • 17

    Session 17 : Limiting Decisions & Values

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session 17

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_17_ Limiting_Decisions_Part_1

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_17_ Values_Part_2

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_17_ Values_Part_3

  • 18

    Session 18 : Outcomes

    • Section 8 Outcomes

    • NLP_Practitioner_Session_18_Part_1_Outcomes

    • NLP_Practitioner_Session_18_Part_2_Outcomes

    • NLP_Practitioner_Session_18_Part_3_Outcomes

  • 19

    Session 19: Strategies

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session 19

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_19_ Strategies_Part_1

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_19_ Strategies_Part_2

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_19_ Strategies_Part_3

  • 20

    Session 20: NLP Patterns

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session 20

    • Manual Section 13 NLP Patterns

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_20_ Distance_Based_SWISH_Part_1

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_20_ Dress_Up_Your_Attitude_Part_2

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_20_ Visual_Squash_Part_3

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_20_Changing_Timelines_Part_4

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_20_New_Behavior_Generator_Part_5

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_20_Q_&_A_Part_6

  • 21

    Session 21: Fast Phobia Cure

    • NLP Practitioner Training Session 21

    • Fast Phobia Cure Script by Kamran Sultan

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_21_ Fast_Phobia_Cure_Part_1

    • NLP Practitioner_Session_21_ Fast_Phobia_Cure_And_Best_Remarks_Part_2

Why Learn NLP with Us?

NLP is an experience. NLP training programs are as different as the depth of experience & level of expertise of person teaching NLP. Here are 3 things that make our training THE BEST in the field.

  • Spiritually Aligned Model of NLP

    When you learn with us, you can be sure that what you learn is completely aligned with Islamic values and spiritual system and in that way, you learn beyond the traditional western models of NLP in the light of Quran and Haith.

  • Most Experienced Master of NLP

    When you learn with Kamran Sultan, you learn from someone who has spent more than 35000 hours over 25 years in teaching, practicing and coaching with NLP. He spends as much as 300 hours in learning & updating his own knowledge every single year. His teaching is deep, powerful & transformative because he teaches from very rich experience, not from manual. This enriches your experience & learning in more ways than you can imagine.

  • Most Authentic NLP Certificate

    When you learn with us, you get certified in NLP from none other than the co-founder of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler and Society of NLP (USA). This is the most authentic certification you can get in NLP.

How does it work?

This will be an in-depth LIVE ONLINE Training.

As soon as you sign up, you will life time access to the recording of our NLP home study course which is recording of our previous NLP™ Practitioner certification training. 

Before each class go through a session and you will be well prepared for live classes.

When you come to class, you will be trained, mentored & coached in developing the mindset & skills to become a successful Practitioner of NLP.

You will meet Kamran Sultan on alternate days 3 times a week for 7 weeks over zoom. 

In each session you will learn and deepen your understanding of life, self and others. You will go through group activities and hands on exercises to develop your skills as a Licensed NLP™ Practitioner. 

Throughout your course you will be assigned tasks to do to develop your skills. 

More than 70% live sessions will be experiential with hands on exercises, demonstrations, informative discussions and little lecture.

You will be engaged in doing NLP™ from the beginning such that most of these NLP™ skills will be ingrained in you by the end of the course.

Since you will have access to previous program’s recording , you can revise each lesson several times. 

Duration of your training, including the preparation videos will be over 100 hours.

How can I use NLP?

You can use NLP in any area of your life you choose.

In this program you will learn practical applications of NLP in …
  1. Business (Negotiations, Sales & Marketing)
  2. Teaching, Education & Learning
  3. Training & development
  4. Therapy
  5. Personal Development
  6. Parenting
  7. Coaching

What if you joined this NLP training?

Use your own imagination here because you know better where you can use these skills in your life.  

Chances are like millions of people around the world you will create the life you want and transform your life and lives of many other people with your NLP™ skills.

Our course participants over 25 years have reported that using NLP™ they are able to…

  • Inner healing
  • Deep connection to self & Allah
  • Higher motivation
  • Clarity & direction in life
  • Ability to help others
  • Inner peace
  • Increase earning potentials
  • Have more fulfilling relationships
  • Become more creative
  • Maintain better physical health & higher energy
  • Increase self control
  • Enrich job satisfaction
  • Increase work efficiency
  • Easily cope with life’s challenges
  • Live a purposeful life

Meet Your Trainer

Kamran Sultan - Licensed Master Trainer of NLP & Life Coach

Kamran Sultan, has conducted Licensed NLP Practitioner course more than 91 times, and Licensed NLP Master Practitioner course more than 37 times... he is a

  • Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ for Society of NLP™ (USA), 
  • Strategic Intervention Coach, 
  • Certified Humanistic NLP Coach
  • Certified FireWalk Instructor (Yes, He can make you walk on fire), 
  • Certified Instructor of Hypnosis and 
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Ex-Country Supervisor for Jose Silva’s UltraMind Training 

Since 1997, Kamran Sultan has trained & coached people from all walks of life in NLP™ & Hypnosis for over 35,000 hours. 

His teaching is deep, powerful & transformative because he teaches from very rich experience, not from manual. His training sessions are highly engaging and full of fun. 

Kamran has been constantly learning and updating himself and spends as much as 300 hours every year in learning more and more. He has received training in UK and USA from some of the best NLP™, Hypnosis & Silva UltraMind trainers including  Dr. Richard Bandler (Creator of NLP™), Anthony Robbins, John LaValle, Joseph Riggio, Kenrick Cleveland, Jamie Smart, Rich Litvin (Co-author of ‘The Prosperous Coach’), Paul McKenna, Michael Breen, Joe White, Julie Silverthorn, Russell Potts, Jo Cooper, Peter Seal, Alex G. Silva and many others.

In addition to business studies from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Kamran has over 10 years experience in direct (door to door) selling and marketing.

As a performance enhancement coach, since 1997 each year I sees as many people as he can individually and assists them to create what they want in their lives.

Kamran is from Karachi, Pakistan but now lives in New Jersey, USA and provide coaching sessions online.

Click here to learn more about Kamran and his work. 

Recommended by Dr. Richard Bandler - the cofounder of NLP

and his partnersrecome

Program Details:

There will be 3 classes per week, on alternate days. Here is class schedule and timing.

Dates & Days: Tues-Thurs-Sat. 
Week # 1: Sep. 06-08-10, 2022
Week # 2: Sep. 13-15-17, 2022
Week # 3: Sep. 20-22-24, 2022
Week # 4: Sep. 27-29 - Oct.01, 2022 
Week # 5: Oct. 04-06-08, 2022 
Week # 6: Oct. 11-13-15, 2022 
Week # 7: Oct. 18-20-22, 2022  

Class time each day: 

9:00 am to 11:30 am EST (New York Time)

6:00 pm to 8:30 pm (Pakistan Time)

2:00 pm to 4:30 pm BST (London Time)

Venue: LIVE Online over Zoom. 


US$1397/- (Including course material, certification from Society of NLP)

Early Registration Discount:

There are date wise discounts. The sooner you sign up, the more you save.

Register by Aug. 14 & SAVE US$ 400/ Pay US$997/-

  • Register by Aug 21  and SAVE US$ 300/ Pay US$1097/-
  • Register by Aug 27  and SAVE US$ 200/ Pay US$1197/-

Early Registration Discount of $500 Ends in

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Sign Up Now!

Act now and sign up in this program to avail the early registration discount. Once signed up, you will get access to NLP Home Study Course so you can start learning today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this course for people who want to teach NLP?

    NLP™ Practitioner is the first level of training in NLP™. This training is for people who want to acquire NLP™ skills and want to use NLP™ in making pleasant changes in their own lives and help others. To train people in NLP, you need to become a Trainer of NLP.

  • Will I be able to coach others after this program?

    Yes. You will learn NLP skills that you can use to coach people and help them set & achieve goals, release negative emotions, overcome limiting beliefs, gain more confidence, improve any skill and a lot more.

  • I do not have a credit card, how do I pay?

    You can pay or transfer online via ATM to our Meezan Bank Ltd account in Pakistan. Please check $ rate in Pakistan on Google to calculate payment in PKR on the day you make your payment. WhatsApp your request on +92300-2198031 and we will send you account details.

  • I can not attend live sessions, what should I do?

    If you can not take live sessions. Enroll in our New NLP Home Study course. You will learn all the skills and receive certificate of completion from The First Institute of Dynamic Learning, LLC (USA)

  • Is there any prerequisite for this program or psychology background?

    No. This is a personal development program that has some very powerful applications in therapy. Although we have trained dozens of psychologists in NLP over years, there is no requirement for a background in psychology. The only requirement is an open mind, a willingness to learn and practice.

  • Will I get recording of this program?

    Since, you are already getting recording of our previous NLP Practitioner course, you will not need any other recording of the same content.