“Get The Amazing Mind Transforming, Life Changing NLP, Hypnosis and Life Coaching Courses That Can Massively Increase Your Impact, Income & Authority”

Announcing  an incredible power packed bundle of 35 courses containing over 390 hours of basic to advanced level training programs that can skyrocket your learning and immerse  you in more than quarter of a century 's experience 

From the desk of:

Kamran Sultan - Master Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Life Coach

Dear Soon To Be Master of Mind Sciences

If you are ready to start a life long journey of personal and professional transformation, growth and learning, I’ve got some great news for you. 

In case you don’t know me:

My name is Kamran Sultan. Since 1997 I have trained thousands of people like you in mind sciences including NLP, Hypnosis and Life Coaching. 

How does it sound when I tell you that I’m willing to share with you my 26 years long experience in the field and teach you everything you need to know (including my mistakes, failures and successes) so you can become an authority figure in the filed in a fraction of time it took me?

Do I need to mention that in addition to time, you’ll be saving millions that I have invested into acquiring what I’ll share with you?

Here’s how…

I’m offering you an opportunity to take my 35 online home study courses, with over 390 hours of basic to advanced courses in NLP, Hypnosis and Life Coaching.

This includes...

  1. The New NLP home study course
  2. Advanced NLP home study course
  3. Hypnosis Practitioner training
  4. Hypno-Counseling Certification training
  5. Charismatic Trainer Certification training
  6. NLP Coach Certification Training
  7. Life Coach Certification Training
  8. Master Life Coach Certification Training
  9. Design Your Amazing Future Course
  10. Create Aligned Life Course

and all other courses 

That's not all...

On top of that, depending upon the option you choose, you will get six coaching sessions on 1 to 1 basis and 2 group coaching sessions with me,  every month for one full year. 

You can utilize these coaching sessions to work on your personal and professional issues - like building your coaching business.

Using my years of experience, skills and expertise, I will personally guide, coach and mentor you week after week, and month after month; You just have to show up!

Even that's not all....

I will add you to my exclusive groups on WhatsApp, where you can ask me any questions on day to day basis, connect with other students and get practice buddies as you learn.

This means, by taking time off from social media thus preventing yourself from absorbing material that adds no value to you, you will be exposing your mind & investing your time in learning powerful skills that can transform you, skyrocket your growth, give you an edge and take your life to a much higher level. 

Do you want that or would you rather waste your life on social media arguing with strangers on issues that you can not control?

Your life, your choice, your results!

Why Join The Library?

You get everything you need to grow personally & professionally at a rapid pace

  • Monthly Group Coaching

    Get group coaching with your trainer and hone your skills month after month for one whole year.

  • Be Certified from USA

    At completion of each certification course you will receive a digital certificate from "The First Institute of Dynamic Learning, LLC (USA)"

  • Join our exclusive groups

    Stay in touch with your trainer on daily basis, get your questions answered and stay in touch with like minded people as you learn.

How much is does it cost?

Honestly, that depends upon how much value you place on getting over 25 years education in a short time.

Just to give you an idea, if you take all the programs which are included in this package as live courses, your investment would be above US $25000/-  

But fortunately these are recordings of my live courses, which means you learn the exact same material at your own pace and convenience. 

The investment for all these pre-recorded courses is over $7700. 

My 1 to 1 coaching sessions costs $3000 and my group coaching sessions cost $100 per session.  

When you combine 7700 + 3000 + 2400 the value of this package will be $13,100/-

BUT you don't have to invest $25,000 or even $13,100 ... because for a limited time you can get this for a small investment of just $4997 with lifetime access PLUS six 1 to 1 coaching sessions (worth $3000) with me and 24 group coaching sessions (worth $2400).


You can get a full year subscription to do all of the courses at an investment of just $1997 with 12 group coaching sessions ( 12 group coaching sessions - Worth $1200).


You can start with a much smaller investment of just $297 per month (with 1 session each month as long as you renew your subscription)

Here's what you will get with each option:

Lifetime access
 1 year subscription
Monthly subscription
All Courses
WhatsApp Group
Group Coaching
24 sessions
12 sessions
 1 session
1 to 1 Coaching
6 session

Invest as you like

Get lifetime access OR yearly subscription OR monthly subscription.

Get All of These Courses in Your Library

Certificates are included with every certification course